A 31-year-old unemployed British man, Mathew Wheeler, decided to make permanent changes to the way he looks, and changed his name to something completely unbelievable.

Wheeler has legally changed his name to “King of Ink Land” and now has 80% of his body covered in tattoos, including his precious visage. He spent a total of £20,000 on his ink and more than 300 hours at the tattoo parlor.

His first tattoo was at 16 and he has not stopped since. Most of his ink is of the patriotic kind, which is why his name is now “King.” He insists on his family and friends only referring to him by his new name, and no longer answers to his birth name.

According to the King, “I think my skin is a work of art - and I've made provisions to ensure it's preserved after I'm dead… so people can enjoy it forever.” The King is so keen on his new ink that he is going to have his flesh stripped from his body and presumably displayed somewhere.

On the bright side, at least he’s not spending his unemployed money on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.