Auriane, come on! You have to marry Thomas now ;) He's your hero! Be happy!

Hi there :)
So two pictures have a story :)

2011_2 is a picture of a last concert of a Croatian rock group RAMIREZ held in Zagreb

Wishing you all the best in 2012 and keep up the great job you are doing!!!
Love You Izismile :)


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"Greetings from Bosina and Herzegovina."

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"Meanwhile in Ukraine"

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"...the best of 2011.
Happy new year friends of Izismile....thxs from Hermosillo Mx"

"2011 photo"

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"Hey Izi folks

Greatings from Stefan from holland

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"a shot to describe 2011"

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"summer solstice at stonehenge"

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"I see no changes; all I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races." ~Tupac Shakur

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"Obama playing ping pong while thousands are suffering on Iraq."

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"Just another day at work."

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"[ I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame .~]"

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"The Dubai Mall, the Address hotel and the Old town as seen from BurjKhalifa, Dubai the UAE."

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"My daughter Niky and her Glauco"

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"Sad little Tiger!"

"Funny Woman with 3 Hats"

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"New Years pic"

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"describe the year of 2011 the best.

1. the revolution of the smartphones (and how they are not being used for productivity )"

"2. the revolution against the governments (Arab spring)"

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"Hi Izismile, My name is Marius and this is my baby boy. He is 3 and a half months old and he was born on my birthday. His birth was ,for me, the happyest moment of the year 2011. A new beginning and a hope for the future."

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"Sad traffic cone protected by friends"

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"My Best Pictures of 2011"

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"I took both of these pictures here in my home town"

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"Thank you Izi for all the fun you bring to us !
Happy new year :)"

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Hope you like it."

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"mostly the activities i`ve been doing for the year :D"

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"Describing the year 2011."

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"Thanks for all the entertainment! here's my year."

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"Best of 2011.
Aging space shuttle program comes to an end."

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"snail powa :)"

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"Raider Nation"

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"Emo girl"

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"Northampton UK"

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"Messing with Cleverbot."

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"The florist meant good flowers, i guess."

"It need fuel too."

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"funny txt. talking about juggalos"

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"Ridiculous phone cameras resolution"

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