Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images
Female panda Tian Tian makes her first appearance on Dec. 12, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The Associated Press reports:
The first giant pandas to live in Britain in nearly two decades are making their first U.K. media appearance at Scotland's Edinburgh Zoo.

Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images
Yang Guang, a male panda, makes his first appearance on Dec. 12.
Eight-year-olds Tian Tian and Yang Guang — or Sweetie and Sunshine — explored their enclosures and munched on bamboo as photographers took pictures ahead of their public debut.

Scott Heppell / AP
Tian Tian explores her enclosure.
The arrival of the panda bear pair set off a ripple of excitement and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland says it is anticipating high demand.

AFP - Getty Images
Yang Guang relaxes with some bamboo.
Zoo authorities says they have recruited a team of 14 panda helpers to guide the crowds through the zoo's newly installed exhibit.
Britain's last giant panda, Ming Ming, lived in the London Zoo until 1994, when she was returned to China.

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