Born in 1889, Francesco Lentini was the twelfth kid in his family. He wasn’t an ordinary boy. Go inside the post to see his story.

Francesco was born with 3 legs, 2 sets of functioning genitals and a rudimentary foot growing from his third leg’s knee. In total, he had four feet and 16 toes. He was first raised by his aunt who later sent the boy to a home for disabled kids. Here he learned how to ice skate and even jump rope.

When Lentini was 8 years old, he moved from Italy to the USA where he joined the Ringling Brothers circus as The Great Lentini. He toured a lot and used his third leg to kick a soccer ball across the stage. This was how he got his second name, the Three-Legged Football Player.

His extra body parts didn’t prevent him from marrying Theresa Murray and having 4 kids. Francesco Lentini died in Florida in 1966.