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African black rhinos are critically endangered as poaching for their horns is out of control these days. In South Africa alone, 341 rhinos were killed in 2011, up from 333 for all of 2010.

The conservation group WWF helped South African government to protect black rhinos by transporting them from the Eastern Cape to the northern Limpopo province, 1000 miles away, by air.

WWF gave rhinos the upside-down helicopter ride. Of course, veterinarians prepared animals for their “blindfolded and sedated” helicopter lift.

Even though it sounds uncomfortable, experts assure that this is easier on them than other means of transportation.

The mammoth cargo included males that were nearly 4 meters long, and weighed up to 2,000 kilos.

The South African Kragga Kamma Game Park workers also protect rhinos by sawing off their horns.