What you will not give contemporary artists - so it’s in creative thinking. Fantasy worlds with success can now be observed in reality.What is a bicycle? Think of two wheels and steering wheel with pedals - the whole business for you! But the brainchild of artistBangkok Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn - a work of art, a monster, what else, and look right.

Those who watched “Alien vs. Predator” immediately notice a striking resemblance to the fantastic character. Huge monster spooksall the cars on the road, how plausible it is. This is another interesting idea of ​​using the useless cars and bikes.
Perhaps someone throw a pity old transport, this is where creativity and useful. In contrast to similar works of art, such as sculptures, this bike is fully on track. Just imagine what will surprise employees, if you come to it to work!

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