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lead chinese flight In China, becoming a flight attendant is serious competition (14 Photos)

Xiamen Airlines began auditions for would-be flight attendants on Nov. 28. Thousands of young ladies from the Jiangxi Province flocked to auditions lured by a job posting titled, “Every girl has a dream to become a flight attendant.” The audition process includes a rigorous physicals and beauty lineups for both guys and gals.

The attitudes toward becoming a flight attendant in China is mired in the 1960′s where being an airline stewardesses is still the aspiration of so many pretty women and the apple of desire for every man. Successful applicants must be of certain height, weight, age, and beauty. The Xiamen Air flight attendant slogan roughly translates in English to “Shape first. Body forward.” Xiamen Air will hire 300 hopefuls this year.

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