jasa TATO UNIK ... mentato di bagian V euyyy....

vajazzling 21 Its called Vajazzling and guys everywhere are jealous (4 photos)

Offered by Completely Bare Hi-Tech Spa in NYC. This new trend of waxing your hoo-haa and applying Swarovski Crystals was started by Jennifer Love Hewitt and is called Vajazzling. Why do girls get to have all the fun? If you are a guy and live in NYC, theCHIVE will pay for your Penazzling and give you a $100 gift card to Sports Authority so you can go buy something to make you feel like a man again. You do have to document this whole process with photos -NO YOU DON”T HAVE TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR JUNK, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT. Please contact me at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com to arrange your Penazzling.

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