Sorry guys, we can’t help but bust out: “Taecyeon and Suzy sitting in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G…”

Fans of the Taecyeon and Suzy couple finally got the scene they’ve been waiting for, as the two shared a kiss in the 10th episode of KBS’s “Dream High“!

This week’s episode focused on the students’ trip to Nagoya, Japan. While they were riding a ferris wheel together, ‘Jin Guk’ musters his courage to lean in and give ‘Hyemi’ a kiss in an attempt to bridge any hurt she felt by his broken promise to her. To recap, ‘Jin Guk’ promised to perform on stage with her, but he ended up debuting with group ‘K’ first.

Producers commented, “The staff were surprised at how Taecyeon and Suzy managed to bring their emotions into their characters. This kiss scene allows for the two to solve any misunderstandings and realize their feelings for one another, but this also puts the third component of their love triangle, ‘Sam Dong,’ in a position of rivalry. Please look forward to see how their love line will develop.”