Woody Two Legs Attack of the Zombie Pirates-VACE
Meet Woody Two-Legs, the least infamous pirate of Seven Seas. Things have never gone quite right for Woody. That is, until he scored big time and got his hands on huge treasure. Sailing to remote island, Woody was about to bury his treasure, just as any good pirate would do.
Unfortunately, it turned out that the original owners of the treasure, namely Mr. Jones himself and his retinue of undead pirates, had caught up with Woody. Small he might be, but Woody Two-Legs was not going to give up without a fight
Release Group: VACE
Release Name: Woody_Two_Legs_Attack_of_the_Zombie_Pirates-VACE
Release Date: 2010-10-31
Filename: Woody_Two_Legs_Attack_of_the_Zombie_Pirates-VACE
Size: 125 MB
Type: Strategy
Release Description