More than 1,300 people are feared dead after a massive 8.9 earthquake in Japan, 30 feet in wake of japan tsunami, devastating cities and villages and prompting fears of two nuclear power plant meltdown. Follow live coverage.

08:50 Japanese official death toll from the earthquake disaster now stands at 413, the 784 people missing and 1,128 injured. In addition, the police said between 200 and 300 bodies were found along the coast of Sendai, the largest city in the quake epicenter area.

08:26 Japanese TV warning people about the earthquake hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant to stay indoors after an explosion caused further damage to the plant.

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March 12, 2011 : Residents were told to turn off your air conditioning equipment, and not to drink tap water. People go beyond saying that the avion exposed skin and to cover their face masks or wet towels.

08:16 Japanese government officials say that shaking the Fukushima nuclear power plant area was devastated by a massive earthquake. The walls and roof of the plant seems to be destroyed in the blast: Abe Masato Fukushima prefecture official says the cause is still under investigation, and it was not clear whether there was an explosion.

Another official said, the utility that runs in the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the news that more workers may be injured. One of the reactor of the plant facing the possible collapse after the loss of cooling.

07.58 An explosion was heard and smoke seen the danger of one of Japan's nuclear power plants.

The blast came to Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) (9501.T) Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, Jiji news agency reported. Japanese TV footage shows smoke billowing in the plant. The Japanese government has already warned the crisis in the nuclear reactor, injured when a powerful earthquake and tsunami struck the northeastern coast, but said the risk of radiation contamination was small.
07:26 Japan's nuclear power plants may be one of the wars following the collapse of the earthquake and tsunami wiped out the record handful in the northeast, leaving more than 1,300 eople feared dead.

Reactor cooling systems are not the result of two plants after Friday's magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck, unleashing a terrible 33-foot-high waves tore off the coastal towns, and destroyed all in its path. Kyodo news agency radioactive cesium has already felt the quake-stricken atomic Fukushima No. 1 plant, about 160 miles northeast of Tokyo, referring to the Japanese Nuclear Safety Commission.

The plant "is experiencing the nuclear crisis," the Kyodo and Jiji reported.

The cooling system of the plant is injured in a powerful earthquake hit the region 24 hours earlier, so the authorities scrambling to solve the problem, and evacuate more than 45,000 residents in a 10-kilometer radius. Thousands also were evacuated near a second plant in Fukushima No. 2, which also suffered damage to the cooling system. Part 1 No nuclear reactor fuel rods are exposed briefly to air on Saturday and a decreased level of cooling water, and a fire engine was pumping water into the reactor, Jiji Press reported. The water level is recovering, said operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), according to Jiji. A spokesman told AFP that "we believe the reactor is not melting or cracking. We are trying to increase the level of the water."

The atomic received emergency in the country struggled to assess the full extent of the devastation wreaked in the massive tsunami, unleashed by a powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan. The towering wall of water, dust on the northeastern city of Sendai, where the police reportedly 200 to 300 bodies were found on the beach. More than 215,000 people for emergency shelter, the police said. The full left homeless this was believed to be much larger, the police saying that he was not indicating the Miyagi prefecture, the hard-hit province, which is home to Sendai.

Quote: "What was once populated mostly disappeared from many areas of the coastal area and the fire still burns there," Prime Minister Naoto Kan said after assessing the damage to the helicopter. The unstoppable black tide picked up shipping containers, wrecked cars and broken homes and the debris fell on the streets of Sendai and the entire open area, a mud slick that covered the vast land.

07:09 Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama voices his "sadness" over the massive earthquake and tsunami struck, said that Japan and to pray for the victims.

"The Dalai Lama has expressed his shock and sadness on hearing the news of yesterday's earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan," his office said in a statement posted on its official website

07:07 international search and rescue teams rush to Japan following the huge 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami crushing, some even work in a similar earthquake in New Zealand.

A Japanese team of 66 staff, which spent more than two weeks scouring the rubble left in the last month's 6.3-magnitude quake Christchurch home makes hasty preparations to help with the unfolding tragedy. The United States has sent nearly 150 rescue workers to the disaster zone, including a Los Angeles team that just returned from New Zealand two days ago.

"My thoughts go out to all people in Japan at this time," said the New Zealand Civil Defence Controller Steve Brazier in Christchurch, where the quake flattened the city on February 22, killing at least 200 people.

07:00 Welcome to our live coverage of the unfolding disaster, an earthquake in Japan, where more than 1,000 feared dead and the country is struggling to cope with the unprecedented disaster proportions.

The relief mission of unprecedented proportions is today in Japan after the country's strongest earthquake triggered the deadly tsunami tore the east cost, leaving a trail of total devastation.

Thousands of soldiers, 300 aircraft and 40 vessels have been reports come from the Japanese government on Friday following a catastrophic disaster, amid fears that more than 1,000 dead. Survivors also face the threat of a radioactive leak, an emergency is declared in the two nuclear power stations damaged by the devastating tsunami.

The relief mission of unprecedented proportions was underway in Japan today after the country's strongest earthquake triggered the deadly tsunami tore the east cost, leaving a trail of total devastation. Thousands of soldiers, 300 aircraft and 40 vessels have been reports come from the Japanese government yesterday following a catastrophic disaster, amid fears that more than a thousand people died. Survivors also face the threat of a radiation leak, an emergency is declared in the two nuclear damaged by the devastating tsunami.