The most powerful japan tsunami history earthquake ever hit rock Japan Amet 12:46 (02:46 in Japan) this morning, touching off a tsunami, which moves across the Pacific Ocean at this time. Hawaii and the entire west coast of the United States warning of tsunami watches, warnings or warnings in effect.

As the U.S. news networks report the news: Bloomberg reported minutes after the quake struck 12:51 Amet, Fox News began continuous coverage 1:09; CNN International in breaking news went to 01:00 and on CNN / US began simulcasting the 01 : 12 MSNBC coverage began and continued to 01:59 at night.

CNN's Kyung Lah in Tokyo-based correspondent was that this story, because it's broken. CNN Tokyo Bureau, normally six staff. CNN correspondents there is a further point in this hour.

The United States threw out plans for their programs, morning shows, and has continued since the quake coverage 7amET.

The world's biggest economic problems the country under the Japan earthquake and a record of an earthquake greater than magnitude 8.3.

Many people injured, and still no confirmation of casualties, emergency declared by the Japanese government annouced and kept ready for any thing.