Sudah pernahkah teman-teman melihat film kartun terbaru yang judulnya bolts & blip ? saya bisa pastikan kalau teman-teman semua belum pernah melihatnya. Nah,, maka dari itu saya buat artikel ini agar teman semua tahu dan menontonnya bareng anak-anak dirumah. Sudah tua tapi masih saja tetap suka dengan film kartun ( Itulah diri saya, seorang penggemar film kartun ).

Film kartun terbaru ini menceritakan super hero super hero keren yang super hebat. Langsung saja lihat film nya disini. Tapi hanya beberapa episode saja. Jika pengen yang lebih banyak bisa teman-teman download di . oke, skalian saya kasih juga poster terbaru dari bolts and blip.

Review Bolts and Blip :
Set in the chaotic and intergalactic landscape of 2080, Bolts & Blip presents a hilarious new world order where a brilliant scientist has finally achieved peace on earth. By creating the Moon C.R.A.T.E.R. (Combative Robotic Answer to Earth’s Rivals) Project, robots are tasked with settling Earth’s disputes through the Lunar League, the wackiest intergalactic sports circuit around.

The series’ titular characters are two misfit robots who accidentally find themselves members of the League. With the help of their rag-tag band of teammates, the two friends find out what they are made of as they discover that both the Moon and the Earth are being threatened by evil forces.SAE-DEE is the newly appointed captain of the Thunder Bolts and has the frustrating task of pulling them out of the hole, which has become that much more arduous now that there are two civi-bots on the squad! She is also the next generation of robot…the first “2.0” prototype robot which Coach Gridiron was given because his squad is just so low in the standings.

Also, BLIP has got a quite a crush on her. SAE-DEE seems to be confused about her feelings towards BLIP. Despite his annoyances, BLIP can be quite sweet and caring. He displays great go get ’em attitude and tremendous skill which she finds attractive. She desperately tries to hide those feelings and in doing so will get so flustered her "bugs" to go haywire resulting in something embarrassing…like temperature overload or a hydraulic leak. To her, soldiers “crush”, they don’t get “crushes”…but we’ll see!