Greetings from the land of sand. This is the weekly segment here on Managing Madrid where I walk around my international campus and ask random people of different backgrounds and football loyalties questions about the footballing world and Real Madrid.

Real Madrid travel to Barcelona this Wednesday to face their rivals once again in the second leg of their Copa del Rey quarterfinals series. Los blancos will be looking to ride the momentum after their 4-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao in the league. It is yet to be seen as to whether Mourinho will be changing his strategy come Wednesday night but after accepting the blame for Real's disappointing 1-2 in the previous leg, he's probably busy rethinking something.

The Question this Week: Who will advance to the next round of the Copa del Rey?

When you answer, please keep in mind that this question isn't asking who will win, but rather, who will advance. For example, even if Real Madrid manages to pull off a 1-0 victory in Camp Nou, they still won't continue because the Catalans have two away goals.

You can read some answers from other footballing fans after the jump. Take a look and then either vote in the poll or leave a comment or both. Hala Madrid!

"Barca. Not cause they're better, just because I guess they have a higher chance so they will hopefully advance to the next round even though this cup is not that important."

-Nadim, Lebanon, Barcelona

"Barca for the fact that:

1. They are at home

2. Two goals advantage and they will play defensive

But then again it could be like the Super Cup where it went down to the last couple of minutes before the winner could be decided."

-Saker, Palestine, Barcelona

"Barca. [They're] going to play defensive and Messi will score a counter attack goal."

-Phillip, Lebanon, AC Milan

"Without a doubt Barca will win."

-Fahad, Pakistan, Liverpool

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